St. Emydius Catholic School

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Schoolwide Learning Expectations




A Faithful Catholic Who

v  understands and practices the Catholic faith.

v  lives the Gospel's values while deepening his/her relationship with God.

v  participates in the life of the parish and school through prayer, worship and service projects.

v  works for social justice.

v  has a developed moral conscience.

 An Active Learner Who

v  demonstrates a solid foundation in the core subjects.

v  is able to speak clearly and write correctly.

v  uses technology appropriately.

v  listens actively and follows directions.

v  is creative and independent.

v  communicates effectively and confidently.

 A Self-Motivator Who

v  exhibits an interest in learning.

v  is confident and has a solid sense of self-esteem.

v  is a personal self-achiever.

v  works independently and is an effective communicator.

v  exhibits leadership and responsibility.

v  accepts responsibility for own actions.

 A Globally Aware Citizen Who

v  recognizes and respects our multi-cultural society.

v  is cognizant of current and world events.

v  respects nature and has respect for life.

v  advocates the preservation of the earth.

v  has a sense of responsibility towards those in need.